Maybe you have one kid, maybe you have more. Maybe you’re married, maybe you’re not.

Maybe you work a boring 9-5 desk job or maybe it’s backbreaking labor. Maybe you work from home or are a stay-at-home mom. Maybe you are struggling to find a job.

Maybe you are a new mom braving sleepless nights and the difficult transition into your new identity as mommy. Maybe you’re a seasoned vet who has found her groove and settled into your routine. But more than likely, even years later, you’re still just trying to figure it all out.

Maybe you missed plans with friends or quality time with your partner so that you could read that extra bedtime story. Maybe you chased your toddler into the bathroom and fought for 10 minutes just to get them to brush their teeth.

Maybe you watched your child take their first steps, make an incredible play in their baseball game, or come home genuinely excited about something they learned in school.

Or maybe you got thrown up on.

Maybe you wouldn’t trade your experiences as a mom for anything, yet you still get a little envious of the fit, childless couples posting selfies from their latest excursion to Machu Picchu. Your getaways now consist of gate checking strollers and making sure your hotel has a roll away bed and free breakfast.

We moms are all different, yet very much the same. We worry about whether our kids are happy and healthy, what they are exposed to, and ultimately, whether we are doing a good job.

We stay up at night replaying moments of the day and planning lists and schedules for tomorrow. We carry guilt for having a girl’s night out or putting on that extra episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because we just needed a damn break. We are judged by ourselves and our peers for how we parent.

Maybe there are days when it is difficult, thankless, and we feel invisible. But maybe that’s part of what makes motherhood the wonderful, joyful and sometimes insane ride that it is. It’s the duality of it all: the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Being a parent forces us to sacrifice, test our limits, and be humbled every day. And through it all, we get to watch our babies growing into these incredible human beings and have never felt more proud of anything else that we’ve done in our lives.

But maybe we should remember that despite our best efforts, we can’t always do it all, and that’s okay. And even on our worst day, we are doing great.

Here’s to you mama….