As a start-up or small business, the concept of marketing and public relations can be daunting. One of the most common things I hear when pitching new clients is their desire for increased visibility but the frustration in trying to figure out how to begin building an effective and targeted media plan. Here are a just few tips that can help get the ball rolling.

Step 1: Define Your Objective

Do you want to increase ROI? Are you looking for brand notoriety? Do you want to attract new customers or retain

your current base? What is your timetable for success? Answering these questions will help give you a benchmark of where you should begin and how to navigate a plan moving forward.

Step 2: Consider a Multi-Faceted Plan

Don’t ever believe that one medium or platform is the be-all end-all. Depending on your audience, product, or service, you may need to consider a mix of elements. Oftentimes the most effective public relations campaigns have advertising budgets to augment them, and vice versa. Understanding your demographic and who you are marketing to are crucial to helping you figure out what tactics work best.

Step 3: Commit to a Comfortable Investment Level

It can be easy to get caught up in the lure of a large-scale marketing campaign. Sometimes marketing agencies or PR professionals will propose plans that are out of the realm of reality, and it will be up to you to properly communicate what is or isn’t feasible. Decide what is workable and don’t get bullied into overspending. A good marketer should be able to stretch your dollar and come up with creative strategies on how to work within your limits.

However big or small your budget is, it’s important to remember that public relations, advertising, and marketing is like a snowball. It starts off slow at first but begins gaining momentum the more time and effort you can devote. Whatever you commit to, do it wholeheartedly and you will most definitely see results.