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a full-service communications agency

Exceptional results Through
Powerful & Innovative
Marketing Strategies

a full-service communications agency

Exceptional results Through
powerful & innovative marketing strategies

Storytellers. Advocates. Champions for Change

Rosinski Communications, LLC is a full-service, boutique communications agency specializing in Public Relations, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, and Social Media services.

Events, Small Business, Charity Organizations & More

Committed To Your Success

Our full-service, boutique communications agency specializes in Public Relations, Marketing, Promotions, Advertising, and Social Media services. We cater to small and mid-size businesses, and we pride ourselves on creating innovative marketing solutions that are carefully crafted to the needs of each client.

We wear many hats. We are your storytellers, cheerleaders, advocates, and champions for change. We offer creative and unique strategies to brand your business, increase your visibility, and help you build a wider network of customers and influencers.

See Why We’re Unlike Any Other

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Public Relations

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a white advertising screen in the middle of a city square


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Social Media

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Media Training

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Event Support

Past & Present

We Love Our Clients

We’re proud to offer a personalized approach tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients. We listen to our clients, we genuinely care about them, and we work hard to achieve successful results.

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Alameda County Fairgrounds
Saratoga Rotary Club of Fine Arts

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Looking for a marketing partner that listens to your needs and provides measurable results? We’ve helped countless businesses grow and reach their goals through effective, strategic communication.

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